1. Self-Owned Fleet
    Currently, Bao Sheng Shipping is keeping a fleet of 15 General Cargo Vessels. The main navigation routes are China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, south-East Asia, and globally. The main cargoes are Steel Products, Minerals, Steel Scraps, Scrap Motors, Fertilizer, Soybean Meal, Pig Iron and etc. We believe that the solid and close cooperation with our valuable customers would bring long-term partnership for mutual benefits and developments together.

    Vessel Chartering is one of the most earliest and dedicated business of ourcompany. We have numbers of sophisticated brokers with over ten-years experience in vessel chartering. We also have established and maintained long-term and stable business cooperation with more than one hundred shippers and ship owners around the world.

    Ever since the company was founded, we made devotion toship management and crew manning with abundant experiences of management and valuable customers accumulated. We arekeeping long-term friendship and cooperation with 20+  ship owners domestically and globally.  We have senior Captains and experienced Chief Engineers in ship management. They have a thorough understanding and interpretation ofinternational and domestic mandatory conventions and recommended standards, andhave been exploring the STCW, ISM, ISPS and other regulations of the ChinaMaritime Safety Administration and the crew regulations for years. A simple butcomprehensive documentmanagement systemwas established, and modern management procedures and models were developed and formed accordingly.

    We set up trading department based on our own fleet and other abundant resources, with its main business including Soybean,  Corn, miscellaneous Grains, Beet Pulp, Cottonseed Hulls, Soybean Hull, Corncob Powderand  other agricultural sideline products, the main export countries are Japan and South Korea. The exported products of Beet Pulp, Cottonseed Hulls and Soybean Hulls have got unanimous approval with high quality and reasonable price.

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